Christians ought to see the handwriting on the wall with President Obama’s appointment today of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. She is the first gay nominee to the Supreme Court.

The highest court in the land which deals with the interpretation of the most extreme laws that govern us all will now have (when she is confirmed) a gay person deciding the course all Americans will take. Among the critical laws facing Christians in particular are freedom of speech laws versus the new Hate Crimes law, same-sex marriage, transgender rights which apparently can trample on the rights of non-transgendered people, and gays in the military.

Is the deck stacked against traditional Christian interpretation of the Bible? I think so. I shared a video recently in which President Obama referred to the “Holy Koran” several times, and always with utmost respect. But when he referred to Christianity he did so with a touch of mockery, and asked, Which version of Christianity should we choose? The James Dobson kind, or the Al Sharpton kind?

He even referred to the Old Testament with mockery, citing loosely passages from Leviticus, references to the Law of Moses, laws which no Christian lives under or practices. But that didn’t seem to matter to the Commander in Chief. And now comes the inclusion of a lesbian on the Supreme Court, in spite of the fact that the vast majority of Christians in America still recognize homosexuality as a sexual choice, and as such, a sin. Romans 1, I Corinthians 6, and I Timothy 1 are not Old Testament verses. They don’t come from Moses’ law. They come from the New Testament, and they are unmistakably, unequivocally against homosexuality. That’s not “hate speech.” It’s simple preaching about what is declared moral and immoral by God in the Christian era. It’s in the same sentence with adultery, and fornication, and stealing, all things we “choose” to do, and all sin.

But in today’s hubbub of applause, what we’ll hear is simply that one more woman has been appointed, making this president the most “woman friendly” president ever. No, he’s the most anti-Christian president ever. From his first act as President, sending American tax dollars to other countries to fund their abortion clinics, in spite of our own financial crisis, to today’s act of appointing a gay woman to the Supreme Court, a woman who has never even been a judge, it is clear that the agenda of this president does not reflect my Christian values.

God help the American Christian in the future.

Dale McAlpine, a 42-year old preacher who has preached in Wokington, Cumbria for years, was arrested April 20 for violating the Public Order Act. His crime? He was preaching on a street corner and named several sins, including drunkeness and adultery. A passerby asked him if he believed homosexuality was a sin, too. He told her he believed it was. A homosexual Police Community Support Officer approached the woman, then approached the minister and told him a charge had been made that he preached against homosexuality. The PCSO identified himself to the minister as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender laison for the police, and the minister said, “It’s still a sin.” Shortly thereafter three uniformed policemen arrived and arrested the minister.
We preachers have been trying to scream for a few years that the Hate Crimes bill was unnecessary, since laws against every crime in it are already in force, and we’ve tried to show what the true nature of the bill is. It is a restriction of free speech. It is intended to ultimately silence moral preaching.
Only the courageous will be able to take a stand for strong moral writing or preaching. And as Europe goes, so goes America. Now that we see what the Public Order Act is accomplishing in Scotland, we see what is coming for the Hate Crimes law in America.
This is not the first time the Public Orders Act has been used to silence Christians. In 2002, a pensioner named Harry Hammond was holding up a sign that read “Stop Immorality. Stop homosexuality. Stop Lesbianism. Jesus is Lord.” He was arrested. As was Stephen Green, a Christian campaigner. He was handing out leaflets at a Gay Pride festival in Cardiff in 2006.
Hang on, America. It’s just a matter of time until your preachers, too, will be arrested if they dare quote scriptures that offend homosexuals. So far, no adulterers, murderers, fornicators, liars, thieves, haters, schemers, or other sinners have protested preachers’ rights to preach from the scriptures that identify their sin. Only homosexuals.