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We at Grace desire for our youth ministry to be a place where students come to know Jesus personally. We believe that the junior high and high school years are formative years in students’ lives where decisions and choices are made that will have lasting impact. Therefore, it is critical that we do everything we can to point them in the direction of Jesus Christ. Our goal is that all students involved with Grace will grow in relationship with Him, and that they will be equipped, empowered, and eager to go out into their world and impact it for the Lord!

When and where do the Grace youth hang out?

Grace is a great place to form lasting friendships, to hang out with others teens, to laugh and learn with others just like you! All 7th through 12th graders are welcomed to stay after our main church service every 2nd and 4th Sunday and every Sunday morning at 9:30!

VolleyballWhat is going on for me at Grace?

The second and fourth Sunday afternoons are great times to hang out and experience Christ in a relevant way. It is led by Pastor Jeff who always has an innovative approach to sharing God’s Word. It is casual and laid back and always entertaining! On Sunday mornings, Extreme Executives meet to study God’s Word in a relaxed setting, with down-to-earth teaching, and the chance for you to engage in discussion. Plus, you can hang out at our upstairs Coffee Bar and chat with friends before class starts!

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